Too often in the conversation of leadership we always discuss great principles, ideas, and “how-to” that we often forget about those around that “main” leader. The leader(s) around the main leader would be considered the second leader. This person is probably the most valuable and needed leader on any team. To neglect this leader, everything else crumbles. So who might this second leader be? This is the person that is the most crucial and yet the hardest position to fill.  Why? Because often times this is the guy who is getting all the behind the scenes done without recognition, this is the guy who is constantly working on humility and above all has a great attitude. Not a lot of people can handle this position.

So what are some practical things a second leader does? A big principle to remember: A second leader must make the main leader look awesome! A second leader is always trying to make sure all the small insignificant details are covered so that the main leader looks flawless. How do you thing you are doing with that? Another big principle is:  Always encouraging others! You can never encourage people enough, those you work/serve with or to your family. These principles may seem easy, but what often comes of living in the second leader position is = humility, by far the toughest character trait to learn let alone to master!