I recently read the story again about Joseph (Genesis 37-47), and how he grew from an immature teen into a leader that was handed the keys of authority in Egypt and who saved an entire nation.

What can we learn about Godly leadership through the life story of Joseph?

  1. Know this leaders are developed…not born. As a teen, he created division in his family with his young arrogance and  attitude. He didn’t have natural abilities.
  2. Developing a leader takes time. His journey started at the age of 17. He was 30 before he was given a “true” leadership position. It took 13 years to develop the right kind of leader God needed.
  3. Refrain from cursing God, wherever he might lead you. Joseph remained faithful and allowed God to use him. His character and integrity were never sacrificed. Don’t sacrifice yours!
  4. He didn’t take revenge when his position would have allowed him to do so, instead he forgave his brothers. He used his leadership position to serve, not to be served.

There are many more lessons to be learned from this story, but here are a few thoughts to make this personal.

Remember, God’s timing is long term…not short term. Am I asking God to do something in my life NOW!? What if God has a bigger long term plan for my life. It’s better to follow God’s purposes/will, than attempt to get God in line with my purposes/ will.  Believe me when I say I am learning this lesson as I type.

Do you sometimes feel like you just aren’t as effective or influencial as you want to be? Do you sometimes feel like your gifts and abilities are just not being used to their fullest? Remember that leadership takes time and is developed daily. Look at your daily habits and start taking intentional daily steps at growing in a particular area. Be open to new opportunities (big or small), and seek out opportunities to serve.

Who knows, over time, God might just use you for GREAT things you never saw coming.