Who is “Leadership” for? In other words, if you are leader…who should reap the benefit of your leadership?

The answer to that question is the difference between worldly leadership and servant leadership. And there are often times worldly leadership bleeds into the world of ministry. However, if you care about the people you lead, if you have your follower’s best interests in mind or if you want to see your people succeed, then you are a servant leader. This is much easier said then done and the reason is that you as the leader, above all, must have balance. Balance to serve the priority of the people rather than the number of people. The priority says God, family, then ministry – any other order is ungodly and unhealthy. Yes, ministry will “cost” at times to your family; but never should your family be sacrificed above ministry.

I believe many of the problems we see in churches today are due to worldly leadership concepts…being a leader primarily for your own gain and your own glory.

When you seek to serve others, and help them grow and succede, they will benefit, the organization will benefit, and ultimately the mission of your organization will be realized and be healthy.

In the coming week, ponder this thought: Who am I leading? Why am I leading? What am I doing to help my people be successful?

“You don’t lead by pointing & telling people some place to go. You lead by going to that place & making a case.”                                                                                                                                              ~Ken Kesey

Now…go and BE that type of leader.