Being a leader you oftentimes get into a position where you either have to, or need to, make a difficult decision. And you know your decision will effect others around you – perhaps positively, but also negatively.  The most important action to take at that moment is to stand by your decision, it may be uncomfortable, or uneasy, but stand by it.  However, the only time you EVER retract a decision is when pride, arrogance or selfish ambition is your driving force in making the decision. Otherwise, stand hard, tall and true to the convictions of your soul. If your tough decision is based around what God has put into your heart, you will convey that message to others in a humble, caring and heartfelt way and in a non-threatening fashion.

It is lonely at the top, and after your decision has been made their will be a “moment” (if you will) that it will be only you. Sure you might have some close friends and family with you, but just for awhile, you will be on your own… that is the time to get closer to God. For those leaders, in whatever capacity of life: be strong…, be courageous…., be who God wants you to be.