As I have recently read a phenomenal book called “Leadership & Self-Deception (Getting out of the Box)” it gave me a very raw and real look at myself and leadership in general. I recommend this book to everyone, whether you are a leader or not!

Some of the lessons that I gleaned from reading this is that too often in leadership we want to get the ultimate goal accomplished but in doing so we start seeing people as objects and not people. I know it seems like such a simplistic idea, but honestly we do it all the time. We EXPECT the people that help us to DO what is asked of them with no personal connection nor understanding if in fact the work doesn’t get done.

However, above all to be an effective, impacting and an influential leader you must above all else be transparent with your team that you lead! You cannot expect anyone you lead to be more transparent than you. If the leader doesn’t become relevantly transparent your group will become more and more disconnected. We need to always improving in this area. No excuses, or justifications. If you do not then  we will always blame others of their shortcomings to justify my failure to improve.